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Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Ben has been involved in television and motion picture production since 2000, and continues to stay busy. He is always looking for new challenges in projects that enable him to stretch himself both technically and artistically, and create something everyone on the team will be proud of.


Having come to Cinematography through being a Gaffer, Ben still enjoys bringing the painterly qualities to his work that crafting light for many years has brought.  


From the top of the Eiffel Tower, to the ruins of Pompeii, from the jungles of Belize, to the streets of New York, Ben has shot nearly 40 feature films. He draws inspiration from the surrounding cultures and their unique tones & visual qualities, as well as enjoying the shifts in light and atmosphere that differing regions of the world offer.

His favorite genres include Horror, Action and Science Fiction, along with Murder Mystery.

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